Problem when save xml attachments on outlook into folder

Hi Everyone.

I always received many email contains xml file as attachments. Xml files has some format ( .xml, .Xml, .XML )

In Save Attachments activity… I have configured some type as “(.xml|Xml|XML)” or “(.xml|.Xml|.XML)” … but it run incorrect.

If I set “.XML”, then it will save all attachments on each outlook mail ( include other file such as pdf, png… ) into local.

What is problem here ?

Thanks you very much!

If the email format set to Plain Text? If yes, then you would not be able to attach files to emails. For attachments to work in Outlook you need to set the message format to HTML. You can change this in Outlook Options File > Options > Mail > Compose messages > change the format from Plain Text to HTML.

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Thanks you bro

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