Problem when I try to save a new book

Okey, this is my new problem.
I have an excel but when I create a new one selecting 4 tables (of this Excel) I can’t save the new Excel because I can’t detect it. In the photos, are all explained.

Here is the code.

did u try to keep it in same excel scope?

Yes, it’s on the same excel scope. I mean, I only have one excel scope where the aim is on the first one, not in the new one created

Possible to share your workflow?as things are bit unclear to me

Okey, the first process works fine because my Excel is in Spanish. So, if the first part doesn’t work is for the language. The second part is what I can’t do. (4.9 MB)

Hey thanks for the zip file ,
I tried to execute this but it gave me selector errors.
I see your aim here is to copy those sheets/tables from one excel to another.,If yes then I’d suggest you don’t use UI Automation instead you can do the following steps
1.use get workbook sheets activity to read all the sheets from excel A
2.use for loop (input will be workbook sheets list variable read from step 1) inside the loop use copy sheet activity(inputs will be path of new file,and the destination sheet,sheet name will be the for loop variable)

with this you should be able to get the desired out

Thanks for the help.
I was trying to do it but i’m confused. Can you give me a screenshot my something similar pls, because I’m having the same problem to detect the new book generated?

Thks for the help. Finally I keep it with the same initial structure and I get the result that I wanted.

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