Problem using "Indicate element inside browser" on "Type Into Activity"

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I’m a new user of UiPath and I need your help regarding the following problem:

  • I’m creating a simple sequence and sometimes, so this doesn’t occurs always, when I’m using the “Indicate element inside browser” option at “Type Into” activity, in order to capture a text box on a web page which will be filled with some text, the generated selector are incomplete, for instance are generated with the following content and doesn’t works:

For workaround I need manually indicate also the html title of the page like this and it works:

I’m doing something wrong or it’s a bug?


  • Using UiPath explorer I can check the selector with all information.
  • I’m using the version of UiPath Studio 2016.2.6274

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When you have provided selector using UiExplorer it is typing into the text box right. That is, working as expected.

Sometimes indicate on screen cannot create a unique selector in that case using UiExplorer unique selector can be find and we can achieve the requirement

Ui explorer you can customize and validate your customized selector.

please go through the UiPath Academy basic foundation course. Advanced Selectors

Ok thanks guys.

I know is possible use UiEXplorer but I wanted to know is the reason how “Indicate element inside browser” behaves differently on similar scenarios.

Hi @badita

I find your a very active and effective member of this forum, can you please help me on this question?

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