Problem to copy paste a cell under excel

Hi ,

hello, I contacted you because I have a problem I am trying to prepare a table where we will find figures on day d and the previous day to do this, I first asked the robot to:

retrieve the data for **d day ** and copy them into ( source) a table marked previous day ( destination) and then retrieve the database for the day to retrieve the new indicators.

Problem when I do this and the whole process takes place the data of the previous day is the same as that of day d. However, I asked the rpa to copy the cells (the cell values) before doing the update. I hope you can help me and especially that my explanation is understandable.



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Are you able to confirm that the cells in the Sheet “Resultat Jour J-1” does not contain any formula after the Copy/Paste Range activity. I see you’ve chosen Values in the Quoi copier dropdown, just wanted to be thorough and rule out the possibility of formula being there.


Absolutely , if not, when a i do the update both table changes in same time


Below the table of D Day , you can see the link between the pivot table where we calculate the results


Here we ve got the table for previous day both table are similar the only difference it is that in this we don’t have a link to pivot table , and the robot copy from D day to here before the update ; when the table is recovered , we ve got the update and next the d day table changes with new result but in same the previous table changes too , i don’t understant where is the problem.


Okay thanks, can you please tell me more about the pivot table, is this the activity you use or something else?


Also, which part of your process is the Copy/Paste range in?
A. I noticed that the Range “B3:B6” is hardcoded and this may not be what you need (I don’t have understanding of the the full process)?
B. If this code is at the end of the Process every run, then it does what it needs to do and copy the contents (unless you mean you stop the process as soon as the D-Day sheet is updated? That means there’s something else going on)

Let me know. Thanks

As sometimes we spend (or waste :sweat_smile:) a crazy amount of time for this type of things, I feel I need to ask if this space is intentional or of it’s a typo that might be messing up with your process:


I see it :roll_eyes:

Without impact , the problem is allways present , it seems that copy paste range causes a problem , i can’t explain why ?

Here’s what I can suggest to troubleshoot the issue, if you haven’t already done it:

  • Ensure that the sheet for “D” and the one for “D-1” have different data (just for the sake of testing)
  • Temporarily disable the activity that does the update
  • Run the process with the copy&paste only (without the update): by the end of this step, you’d expect to have both sheets for “D” and “D-1” with the data of “D” (overwriting whatever data was previously in the sheet “D-1”)
    If possible, please take screenshots of both sheets before and after the process, so we can better help you pinpointing the issue.

If that works correctly, the issue is somehow in the update (and not in the copy&paste).
If that’s not the case, we’ll continue troubleshooting :sweat_smile:

Hi ,
it seems that copy/paster runs correct , in fact i probably discovered the cause

in my code i open two times the file with pivot tables :

  1. to change D-D to D-1 in tables ( 1st open )
  2. open website to recover the database D-D
  3. to update the database and update D-D tables ( 2nd open)

and to refresh the data i use refresh button on excel .

I decided to change , the process excel

  1. open excel and change D-D to D-1
  2. open si the new database and update D-D tables
  3. open website to recover the database
  4. refresh pivot table ( UiPath function)

it s run properly


@frederic-f.bonnet Congratulations on figuring it out! Cheers!

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