Problem Scraping Text, and writing it in an orderly way into Excel cell

Hi there everyone!

I’m scraping info from a process, which I get the result in a browser (chrome) in this way

This information, under each title (Personas nombradas en el aviso, DNI, CUIT) could be just 1 or many.

The problem is, that this data result, is located in a “For Each” as it’s our interest to gather all this information for each query we do in that website.

And by now, this is the most organized way I could put it into an Excel

The specific problems are:

  1. Names, are written altogether. No space or way to separate each. (Remember could be just 1 or many)

  2. Tax ID, for some reason, as it could be also one or many, is written as that weird formula. Any advice on how could we have them split, and the whole number?

If both (Names and Tax Ids) could be separated into different cells by Uipath would be awesome (having in mind, that it could find one or many

Ideas on how to move forward on this? is there any function /syntax or anything I could use which I’m not aware of?

Thank you all guys!


Anyone could give a hand on this matter? Help will be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!