Problem running process from orchestrator (2020.4.1)

Hi everyone.

I’m having a compatibility problem with Orchestrator 2020.4.1 and Studio 2020.10.2.

When I publish a process through this studio and upgrade the process package (I had a previous version published with the Studio 2020.4), if I try to run the process from the job tab, the process won’t show on the list of process. Even if I try to rollback the process version, the problem still won’t show on the job tab.

The way I found to make it work again is to rollback to a package published in an older version of Studio, delete the created process on the process tab and then create it again.

After sometime looking at the files, I found that the project.json from the new version has some new arguments and maybe after deleting the arguments that didn’t exist on the older version it worked again.

Is there anyway to make this versions of Orchestrator and Studio to work? On the compatibility page it says it’s compatible, so I don’t really know what is the problem.

Edit 1: I’m using an enterprise version, not the community.

Hi @uKisuke

Please do not hesitate to contact our technical support with specific cases like this one. It could be that the new 20.10 packages are not available on your older Orchestrator instance, for example.

Thanks for the reply but I found that this was a bug on the orchestrator version with the uipath.

I think you should correct the compatibility matrix because the way it is today it says it’s compatible without really being.

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