Problem reading data from RPA Stock Market Uipath demo webpage

In the demo web page provided by UiPath:(RPA Stock Market)

there is a drop down menu to select 3 companies and their stock price. I am trying to extract all the names of the companies and also PreMarket Price into a TataTable
Can any one give me advice on this? The problem is the drop down menu I think!
Best regards Villi

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Check this example of using FIND CHILDREN activity to get the value of drop down


coincidentally I’m trying to do the exact same thing @Villi_Magg,

Here’s the outline of my process;

I belive I’m getting the data from the dropdown using SELECT, CLICK and GET TEXT methood, however, my problems arise ASSINing the current market value into my data table
My dataTable;

The ASSIGN gives me the follwing error;
Assign: Column ‘CurrentValue’ does not belong to table DataTable.

Hope @Palaniyappan or anyone can help us through this step of actually extracting the data needed so we can move to the next step as to make the rules of buying or selling.

Since yesterday I’ve resolved my errors, except now I struggle with sending the final report via email (SMTP using Gmail)
No metter what I adjust, the error is the following;

Send SMTP Mail Message: An error occurred while attempting to establish an SSL or TLS connection.

The server’s SSL certificate could not be validated for the following reasons:
• The server certificate has the following errors:
• The revocation function was unable to check revocation for the certificate.

Been through the forums, scoured the youtubes and my Google settings, i’m at a loss figuring out why this happens