Problem On Excel

I have this input excel file shown as below-

And my output should be-

Can you please help me?

Nirmalya Sarkar

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar ,

You can try below steps

1 - Read whole excel from Read range activity and pass range as “B4”
2 - Take filter data table activity and pass condition as shown below

3 - Use write range activity to paste data on respective sheet.

@ermanoj3101 , Can you share your xaml file?

Please follow the steps and let me know if you face any issue.

I don’t have xaml ready with me.

Hi @ermanoj3101 ,
Excel_Automation.xaml (6.7 KB)

After doing this, it shows an error.
‘Column name’ is not set or invalid. But I copy and paste those column names in my workflow.
Also I am sharing my excel file.
ProjectDemo.xlsx (12.0 KB)

Nirmalya Sarkar

Try this
Excel_Automation.xaml (7.2 KB)

The problem is with headers it is having space.

Does your headers always contain spaces ?

If so then you can use above attached xaml.

@ermanoj3101 , no …this is the first time I face this issue. I did many projects with filter data table. But this type of problem never came.
Anyway, Thanks a lot.

Nirmalya Sarkar.

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