Problem on changing the variable type of TransactionItem

There is a problem on UiPath Studio in many version including 2020.10.
Below process can reproduce the problem.

1.Create a new project from Robotic Enterprise Framework.

2.Change the variable type of TransactionItem from QueueItem to DataRow in Main page.

3.Check two unreasonable problems in State of Get Transaction Data.

If I change the variable type of TransactionItem in Get Transaction Data page once again,
I mean change back to QueueItem, then change to DataRow, two problems will disappear automatically.

I know it is not a big issue and easy to solve, but really difficult to explain to UiPath clients or learners who expect a high quality RPA product.
I hope it can be quickly solved or reasonably explained, Thank you.

That has been there for some time. The same when changing variable type from Generic to string sometimes in an assign activity. The value on the left side just needs to be removed then placed back then the error will not longer be there.

You have to remove the Value field and then retype the Keyword NOTHING this will resolve your problem

Yes that is the thing. we need to remove the value and place it back.

Looks annoying indeed, I’ll track this topic internally to try to link it to one of the (surely!) already existing improvement tickets.

I’ll keep it up to date with any new information I find.