Problem Log Display in Orchestrator


I can not see the log files in Orchestrator. The list of logs is always empty.

Below the configuration of the web.config file in Orchestrator

web.config.txt (42.2 KB)

insert into dbo.Logs (OrganizationUnitId, TenantId, TimeStamp, Level, WindowsIdentity, ProcessName, JobKey, Message, RawMessage, RobotName, MachineId) values (@organizationUnitId, @tenantId, @timeStamp, @level, @windowsIdentity, @processName, @jobId, @message, @rawMessage, @robotName, @machineId) insert into stats.ErrorLogs (OrganizationUnitId, TenantId, TimeStamp, CorrelationId, Source, Level, RobotId, ProcessName, JobKey, QueueDefinitionId, Message) values (@organizationUnitId, @tenantId, @timestamp, @correlationId, @logSource, @level, @robotId, @processName, @jobId, @queueId, @message)


I did not have any returns. Please check my config file.

thank you in advance