Problem in the attended robot - settings parameters


We have a license “Attendes robot - Concurrent user”.

We have 5 users of Help desk agent profile (not local admin of their posts).

Each user can potentially launch the robot on demand (if available).

We deployed the robot on their workstations.

We encounter a security problem when we want to configure the connection between the robot and the orchestrator (URL + Key):
When clicking on Orchestrator Settings we get the following error message: Administrator rights are needed.

Yes to change url and machine key its required Administrator pilrivage.

Once you setup the process what is the requirement to change your key or url by your help desk guys,

For you I can suggest few Options below

  1. Your admin can enter key and url at the first time and it dosen’t need to change every time when the process run so your help desk guys dont need admin permission

2.make those machine as local admin (your windows admin can do this )

3.ask you windows admin to create seperate group for those bot operating pcs add helpdesk user logging as local admins only for those pc

It is impossible to give agents Admin rights.
For this I created a batch:
1 - Open the AgenDesktop service (Recover the license)
2 - Execute the process
3 - Kill the AgenDesktop service (Release the license)
Have I applied good practice with this method?
Thank you in advance