Problem in removing save password

Hi All,

I am facing this problem while automating a user creation form in which there is a password field which gets auto filled with my google pswrd, I want to clear the field and dont want anything in that field.

Please help

Hi @Vishal_Singh1
use Type into activity with the follwong way

with empty field propert as True and type into value as “”

Nived N
Happy Automation


This is the field.

I am taking the below scenarios:

Users who save their pwrds: when user save pswrd the field turns blue with text
Users who do not save pwrds: when user doesnt saves pwrd the field is white.

Doing it with click image doesnt work for one of the cases as it doesnt match the image
I cannot apply if else clause on UI

I have applied your method but it works for one time and gets slow or dont work in a for loop.

Hi @Vishal_Singh1
so can u show the selector for both cases for password field?

As a work around can you try sending hot key?
Like CNTRL+X and then add the value?

or Type into with input as “”