Problem in html tag

I have 12 html files . The file has html tags. I want to add the html tags and save html page in to 12 text file (each file separately). Your help is much appreciated.
Example shown in below:-
I have some id in web page (12334-1235-1567) this id add where in html page have (id="") then put in html page and save in each and every folder.

Hi @himanshur,

Maybe following these steps:

  • Use Read File Text activity and save the result into a string variable text
  • Use Assing activity to update text to this text.Replace("id=""""","id="""+yourId+""""). This should work for a unique id in the file, but all id will be replaced. If it is not what you need, you have to look a way to define what id exactly you want to replace
  • Use Write Text File activity to create a new file or overwritte the existing one

Actually i have id(123456-2345-2345 that is one id) on web page and I have many xml file in each and every folder and i want put web page id in xml file where(id=" ").Please help me.