Problem in getting data from system 3

Anyone is doing assignment given under User Options/Download client and support section. under this if anyone did WI1 assignment please help me on that.

I’m having issues with system 3. There seems to be no data to perform the searches. Thought about writing in the RPA Challenge post where this was originally mentioned but it was closed a few days ago. Anyone had any luck doing the challenges that require System 3?

@castanosebastian what challenges u facing?

When I open System 3 and try to perform a search the client list appears to be empty.

@castanosebastian I am also getting empty only, But previous time when i did, i was getting correctly, May be issue with system 3 only.

Hi @Stefan_Vrabie. Could you tell me if the desktop client is no longer supported? I’m just asking you cause you were the one to initially post the challenge. :slight_smile:

@castanosebastian When i posted topic desktop client working fine now i don’t know what’s the problem, U have to check with some other people in forum regarding the problem

Hello everyone. We are looking into it.

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