Problem in executing Generate Yearly Report

In Advanced Training, for Generate Yearly Report assignment, the program is successfully processing 4-5 work items and updating them with completed status. After that it gives “Ui element not found” error for any of the activities (not always the same activity). When I stop execution and run the main.xaml file again, few more work items are processed successfully. In this way I was able to process all work items in the queue. I don’t understand why it is not able to process all the work items in one go. I cannot upload the assignment if the program stops execution in between.

Can anyone help me in addressing the above issue?

This may happen due to application response slowness. You can try increasing the timeout in UiAutomation activities.

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Thanks for the response. I tried your suggestion but still only 4-5 work items are processed successfully at one go and then I have to execute it again. I am stuck now.although there are no errors in the performer, I am unable to submit the assignment. Please suggest if any other solution is available.

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Not sure what is going wrong. However you can use retry mechanism of RE framework. You are already iterating through Queue items. so if any exception is happening ,the robot should re initiate the applications and retry.

I am able to solve the issue by capturing two separate selectors for Upload Yearly Report confirmation id message by using Element Exists activity . Now it is processing all invoices at one go.

Thanks for the support

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