Problem In DataRow Table

I have a datatable and iterrate one by one value but how can i use the assign value in my if condition

please elaborate more on your question. Thanks

Hey @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana

You want to assign a value to Datatable ?


Actually I have a datatable and i want read the account detail from datatable and change in string.
Becuause i want use if condition when value meet then show message.

maybe we can optimize the check. Can you share some sample data and the statement from:


input.xlsx (10.6 KB)
I want account last 4 digit number and check in if condition that meet in excel then show a message.

when looking to your last screenshot we do see that there was a change (shift away from ItemArray usage)

Currently we do see that String_Value is taking the last 4 chars
The if condition will be allways true as it is comparing same value with a contains to the last 4 chars

We would suggest to share with us:

  • elaborate more on your business case?
  • what is the remaining open problem in detail?