Problem in Data Scraping from Ecommerce Website

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This is website link -

When i search of some products like Shoes and earphone display is coming in gridView and data scraping is not working.

For some products display is coming in listView and data scraping is working fine .

Any suggestion will be appreciated on data scraping from gridView.
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Sahil Garg

Hey @Sahil_Garg
I have made a video on exact problem check it out: How to scrape data of horizontally listed products on website - YouTube

Please mark it as solution if ti works


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Thanx mate for your response
Your solution worked but only for specific keyword, like you used pendrive and scraped data for that .
It is not working on user input ,suppose i give shoes ,it is not working .

Hey @Sahil_Garg
In shoes the data in coming in which pattern?

Datatable is coming like


Products are not coming and same happens for shoes

And for some other product datatable is even coming empty.

If you create workflow for iphone type pattern it will extract only that data and if you create for pendrive like then it will work for that only.

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