Problem in consuming REST Service


Am trying to consume a rest service. Below is the screenshot and the details.

EndPoint : “
Request : “”{"“expr”": ["“a = 1.2 * (2 + 4.5)”","“a / 2"”,"“5.08 cm in inch”","“sin(45 deg) ^ 2"”,"“9 / 3 + 2i”","“b = [-1, 2; 3, 1]”","“det(b)”"],"“precision”": 14}""
Method : POST

Expected Response :
“2 inch”,

Actual Response;

Internal Server Error

I would like to know if I am making any mistake. Kindly help me here.

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Updating the screenshot of actual response.


pls try below -

  • create a strBody string variable
  • assign inout request jain to the strBody
  • pls remove input request from http request activity
  • add the strBody variable to Body Property in HttpRequest and verify.
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Hi @GBK,

Can you please explain me clearly. Am a beginner and trying to get into things. Please do correct my mistakes.


pls try below -

  • create a variable in your sequence name like a strBody
  • using assign activity- assign the ‘Request’ (mentioned in the post) text to the variable strBody
  • add the strBody variable to Body Property in HttpRequest
  • Execute and verify

Hey @GBK,

That worked awesome. Thank you so much.


cheers! pls mark reply as solution and this post will close in 3 days.

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