Problem in connecting with excel

Hi Afe,
We can have a session any time between 4:30 am - 8:30 am, 11:30 am - 5:30 pm WAT


Let us do 12 noon WAT then. I shall DM you the Zoom invite.

Hi @dfraum,

I DM’ed you a Zoom invite link for 3PM (WAT) today i.e. 9AM (CDT) and for over 1 hour now you did not connect.
I have to end the meeting now because I need to do something with a client in the next 30 mins


Kindly check your Message Inbox on this forum, I have sent you a Zoom Invitation link for 12 noon WAT tomorrow.


Thanks a lot

Yes received. Will join tomorrow

Hi Afe, I am so sorry. I just saw your email invite. My sincerest apologies for keeping you waiting. If there is another time you can cannot today, Sunday, or Monday, let me know and I will make sure I am online.


Like we concluded during our session today, the hypothesis at the moment is that the UiPath Excel add-in you installed is unable to communicate with the Excel app on your machine, possibly due to the type of Office installation you have on the machine.

Just like I mentioned, I suggest you re-install MS Office; it is my humble opinion that such would resolve the issue.

Hoping to get positive feedback from you.

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Hi @dfraum,

With respect to the info we have gotten from forum members, permit me to ask the following questions:
How many Office installations do you have on your machine?
If it is just one, is the installed Excel a full or lightweight installation?

If you prefer a Zoom session, we can do one today at 5PM (WAT) which is 11AM (CDT) your time.
I shall DM you the meeting link. Cheers.

Thanks for the help. I will try to do so.

Hi @dfraum,

It is 5PM (WAT) and I am waiting for you to connect.

Hi Afe,

My apologies, I didn’t realize you would schedule the meeting for over the weekend. Friday night to Saturday is a relgious holiday for me, and I don’t use technology. I hate to ask you to reschedule yet again, but does any time tomorrow or Monday work for you? I’ll be up by 9AM CDT both days (3PM WAT) and can meet then. Also, if you let me know tomorrow (Sunday) if there’s a time that works for you earlier in your day on Monday, I’m happy to get up earlier to talk.

In regards to your questions, I only have 1 instance of Office and the version is 16051.12624.20466.0. The total usage is 16.0 KB…I don’t think it’s a light version, but do you know how to check?

Thanks in advance for all your help. I really appreciate it. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend and we can find a time to connect.



Hello @dfraum,


I didn’t know else I would not have scheduled a session, I apologize.

That is okay. We should do today (Sunday) because my job would not allow me on Monday.
Although 3PM WAT (your 9AM CDT) is preferable, if this is not okay by you then I guess I am open to a time between 3PM and 10PM WAT (i.e. between 9AM and 7PM CDT).

This time around, you get to send the Zoom meeting link :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Kindly DM it to me on this forum or mail me using this address


Hi Aje,

You couldn’t have know, so no worries! Thank you for being so quick to reply. I just woke up, so give me 30 minutes to get situated, and I’ll be online. I’m going to send an invite now for 9:30am CDT (3:30pm WAT).

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!


I just sent the email invitation. Let me know if you didn’t receive it, and I’ll re-send. Otherwise, Talk to you in 25 minutes :slight_smile:


for the excel addin, if looks it installed successfully but is not working you could check the following:

In excel-options-> trust center-> trust center settings-> add ins-> you should have nothing checked there


In excel-options-> addins -> see whether the addin is under Active or Inactive Application addins -> Manage Com Addins -> GO and check the addin and try again after studio and excel restart

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