Problem finding data from excel to matching with webpage results

distributor code

when i put distributor numbers in chrome box from excel… then various numbers will be shown… but i have to select only one specific number that matches the first excel number for example if i type 762349843 in input text product then various numbers will be shown like 6524785…65415782…85487351…873648763… but it has to select the only first number from excel… like this number 873648763… so may i know how to solve this ?

Use string manipulation to separate the results from the webpage and find the matching one from Excel.

i dont have knowledge in string manipulation and idk how to do this bro, so could you please elaborate how to do this?

Can you share the exact output you are getting from webpage.

sorry for the delay bro…

showing results under input text product will be mixed with numbers and texts like
then from excel it has to get this number uygterg887987jgjk5jbjjjkjh and it has to click on the number according to matching reults like it has to click on this num uygterg887987jgjk5jbjjjkjh…so please help me

Save the output string to a string variable say str_text,
create an array or list of string variable say list_text,
then split str_text based on newlines (split(str_text,vbnewline)), which will give you an array of these strings.
then use list_text.contains(your value to check) to see if your excel value is present in that.

huge thanks for the effort bro… will try this method and will let you know if i ran this sucessfully…tqsm bro

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