Problem excel

I have an excel that will a alot of data sample in attachment

what i want to do is : i want to have consolidated excel where is have all ERROR status together

working : i thought to filter out dt with status but the problem is slipnumber may be repeated and can have both status and i need those which has error status only and not have status Staged how to work this
New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (8.5 KB)

Hi @manoj_verma1,

What is the expected output as per above excel file?


i should only get last slip number 352 as it is not repeated under slipnumber and also its status is error (have updated excel)

Hi @manoj_verma1,

  1. First group the rows with respect to slipnumber column and get only the first row
    from datatable using below query in assign activity.

    (From row In dt
    Group row By a = row(“slipnumber”) Into grp = Group
    Select grp.first).copytoDatatable

  2. Then, filter only the row with error value using below query in assign activity.


    where dt is datatable variable after the reading the excel data.

Screenshot Reference:

Hope it helps. Happy Automation!!!