Problem during scrolldown

Hey Guys, i have a problem with dropdown list. I need to scroll it and choose some of the object in there.
So, the problem is when i click to that dropdown list and click “pgdwn” it going down one by one items in the list so i can choose any i want.
From the other side when i wanna do same in the studio its just scrolling, not by choosing items but just like scrolling with the scroll bar.
Any suggests please?

If it’s a standard web control or window control, you should be able to use ‘Select Item’ activity which will automatically copy the entire list into the activity option and you can choose the desired value.
Have you tried this activity?

its writtent that that type of activity is not supported

In that case, let’s look at your original problem.

When getting the bot to achieve this effect, I assume you’re using ‘Send Hotkey’ activity. Use the ‘Indicate Element’ feature in Send Hotkey activity to target the scrollable list that pops out after clicking the dropdown element.
If the list disappears each time you click ‘Indicate Element’, then click ‘Indicate Element’ and while in the selection mode (where the blue boxes are showing up on each element where you point) click F2 which will delay the scanning for a few seconds.
In this time click the element, so that the list appears, then the blue boxes reappear after a delay and you can use the list as a target.