Problem during desktop screen sharing

Hello everyone,

During a call with my customers, I shared my screen to show them a demo of my process. Unfortunately, automation not working when I shared my screen. Exactly, the process stop to a “find element” activity. When I stopped the desktop sharing, the process ran again as usual.
Previously, I never had this problem.
Can you help me to find what’s wrong.

for the demo purpose can you record the screen and then share video.? will that work.?

Yes, I try it and if I record it’s work.

check with debut video capture screen application it will work, that i use the same to share all process run.

I tried with debug video, but it doesn’t work.

what is my understanding is as soon as it start capturing video/sharing screen that window is getting activated and got selected and hence all elements are overriding, can you please raise this issue with UiPath Support team using zendesk and ask them if there is a way to deactivate the running screen.

Thanks. I can’t with Zendesk obviouslly because I’m on a community edition licence so I have no Licence code

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Hi @MigT,
While you share screen the elements will lose there native element attributes,

Please reffer the below link on the same topic

Better to share demos through video capture