Problem closing file

Hi, im uploading one file.txt into an FTP server with ftp activities.
when the file is uploaded I try to check if the file exist into the FTP server, and the file is uploaded.

Now, when the file exist on the server I try to delete de file.txt from the local machine but appears and error saying: “Unable to delete file: being used by another person or program”

If the file is already uploaded, why I have this error? and how can I “Close the file” if the file was never open manually and just manipulated from an ftp Uipath activity?

give delay then try to delete the file

Hi, I’ve tried just right now, it works the first time, but If I tried again it doesn’t work. I think was just lucky that the file closed the first time.

Maybe there is some way to know the status of a file and when is close simply delete it?