Problem and maintenance of a robot

Good morning I have a problem with a robot … he is a billing robot and some days he stopped billing invoices … can someone give me a hint of what this problem might be


Can you specify your problem with some screenshots and examples?

Hope this helps us to understand your issue


I can’t send the problem because the robot is running normal it doesn’t give any error … but it’s not billing

If the robot is not billing but a error is not being throw It must be a error in the robotic process steps.
I recommend you to watch the robot for some time, and see if something weird is happening.
Maybe you can check if the billing was a success, using an element that can confirm that and then throw an exception whenever this element is not found.

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watching the robot I could see that it is not filling the options … does anyone have any idea how I can make the correction

In your prints its looks like you are only getting the text that is on the screen, and not setting anything, its that correct? Maybe if you could share with us the .xaml workflow file we can give a better look

fat.xaml (1.9 MB)