Pro Package Features

Looking for feedback from anyone out there using the Pro Plan. Getting contradicting information from a sales rep vs what I see on the website.

Website says unattended bot is included in this plan but rep says it is not. Looking for other’s experience.

What I want to be able to do is build a both that will run at a specific time everyday (without me clicking the button to tell the bot to start), is that possible with the pro plan?



As I checked right now, Pro Plan will give you Orchestrator (cloud from UiPath), Studio licenses and also unattended bot.

It seems like the main difference is that Enterprise give you the on-premise option (so you could have Orchestrator and Robots on yours VMs). Of course you could negotiate the price when buying Enterprise.

You can check pricing here (for Pro Plan): UiPath Plans and Pricing | UiPath
According to that website I was able to choose one license for studio and unattended robot (my VM).