Prize for Automation Challenge



I think the prize for winning the Automation Challenges should be a UiPath t-shirt! :smiley:

Thanks UiPath

Only for challenges? @richarddenton
I think in all others section also there should be some rewards in a form of t-shirts with Titles. That will be a great motivation for all users :grin: @badita



Ok @richarddenton, @aksh1yadav.

The prize for answering an Automation Challenge will be a UiPath T-Shirt.
We’ll send quarterly (we’ll try often but we need better organization) prizes for most likes and most accepted solutions.
There we’ll be a more consistent prize every year or six months. Any ideas?

@richarddenton: You are incredible lucky. Not only that you got your T-Shirt but also it was previously warn by myself.


I know @badita - I am now twice as clever as I was!

I think you may need a cap of one t-shirt per winner otherwise @Masire and @aksh1yadav might clean up! :smiley:


Ok. @Vlad could someone reach on private to @andrzej.kniola x3 @aksh1yadav x3 ,@richarddenton x2, @Masire x2, @beesheep x2, @acaciomelo, @Lucas.Pimenta, @brunoazev get their address and send?


Can we offer Those t-shirts with Captions like for First solution accepted , the caption on t-shirt should be like Automation Challenge Winner.

Similarly for long users like 6 months or yearly based on their status in the forum like for moderators caption should be with Uipath logo and Moderator and for Leader it should be like Leader and for next year try with some relavent goodies like Mug and all… :wink:



Here you go, my address

oh, you mean my local address…

Oh, no, you mean my physical address




Wow that’s cool buddy :slight_smile: