privateGPT with UiPath Robot (personal ChatGPT Project)

Here is a project using Iván Martínez privateGPT Project.
Basically a private local version of chatGPT on your PC.
The PDF shows the installation and set up.

Follow the PDF Instructions before using the XAML and the Python file attached.

The XAML allows a robot to ask for a question and then calls the Python to eventually give an answer.


  1. Needs Python v10
  2. Runs slow on my PC
  3. UiPath Python Activities do not support Python v10 so I used a Batch Script to launch the privateGPT via Studio
  4. Edit the XAML and add YOUR folder paths
  5. The XAML and attached Python File is for AFTER you have installed the complete project - it basically allows the Robot to ask single Questions.
  6. Using Studio is optional… the Python project works independently.

privateGPT-Installation-guide.pdf (1.9 MB)
Tutorial.xaml (10.7 KB) (1.5 KB)