Prioritise Queue Retry Mechanism


Agree with you on this

There is one work aroung that you can do by using queues only…

By default I believe your queue items are added with normal priority…

Instead of using queue auto retry mechanism…use a different queue addition of the failed items …

  1. Create a specific content in the queue item say retrycount and first time make it 0

  2. in the process transaction state inside the system exception catch block or in the set transaction status xaml, system exception sequence …you can include a if condition to check if the retry count max is reached or notCint(transactionitem.SpecificContent("retrycount").ToString)<Cint(in_Config("maxretrycount).ToString)

  3. On then side use add queue item activity and add the same item again but now increment the retry count so retrycount specific content will be Cint(transactionitem.SpecificContent("retrycount").ToString)+1 and the priority to be set as high…so that this is picked first and if max retry count is reached then no item is added as per if condition

Hope this helps