Printing properties opens an incorrect window


I am trying to physically print a file, and after sending Ctrl+P to the window the Print options box appears, whereupon I select the printer and orientation, which it does fine, but then when it clicks Properties (to the direct right of the selected printer) it opens the properties for a Print to PDF instead?


All actions in UiPath (select from drop down, click landscape, click properties) are set as Wait For Ready: Complete.

I have used a “get text” between the selection and the clicking of the Properties button and it shows the correct printer as being selected, there is also now a 5 second delay before the Properties button is clicked. Any clue why it still opens Print to PDF Properties?


Hi @Alex_Cross

My first instinct would be that the selection of the printer is not properly ‘registered’. It displays okay, but the window didn’t get the clue that it was switched.

Thus, I would blame the activity that selects it. Could you use a different method to select it for debugging purpose? A few send hotkeys with left or right should do.

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I tried something similar, so I’ve used “Select From List” and “click drop down” + “click printer”, and then the log message for both shows that it is the one displaying. I have now installed studio on a VM and remade the sequence, if that doesn’t work I will try hot keys. I do agree with you, it’s as if despite what is being displayed, Windows doesn’t know it’s selected - and this isn’t the first time I’ve come across similar :stuck_out_tongue: