Printing particular cell

How can we print/write the specfic cell value.
I tried but it gives me null value.
I printed - row(“A9”).tostring

but gives me null


How you are trying to print it?

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  1. using the excel scope
  2. read range
  3. used write activity - row(“A9”).ToString

But gives me the null value


Where are you trying to print it to? Have you stored the selected data from the cell into variable in your project?

No directly I am printing it. I want to used this value and writing somewhere.

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Could you give a screenshot of your workflow? Are you trying to input this value into a textfield of a browser/app?

yes exactly bro

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well we need to mention like this buddy @balkishan
use read range activity and get the output of the variable named OutDatatable

or we can use Get Row Items activity

Cheers @balkishan


what to do if I have like 4 columns and I want to print the D11?

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Use get row items activity and mention the column index as input n the property here
and mention the datatable as @balkishan
here i mentioned as rows(0), where 0 is the first row
you can mention as 3 for the fourth row

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any issues still buddy @balkishan

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were you able to get the values now
Cheers @balkishan

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Bro let say I want to print the B19 then what to do. ?

where OutputDatatable is the varaible obtained from read range activity
18 is the row index as we have first one as header and row index starts from 0
1 is the column index of B column and it starts from 0
Cheers @balkishan

Test is my where I stored the Read Range activity. what is this error bro?

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buddy i said the above expression can be used in a assign activity

here when we use a get row item we need to mention like this alone
and in columnindex property we need to mention as 2 in the get row item activity property
Cheers @balkishan

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did that work buddy @balkishan

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what is the OutputDatatable how did you get this bro?

As I get Test bro Read Range Activity like this ?

Well its just a variable that i named for the one we get from read range activity buddy
Cheers @balkishan

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Okay Okay got it

But same way I did why showing error?

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