Printing Count of Repeated Words in a paragaraph

This is Jim

Jim is teaching VBA

Jim will also teach UiPath Jim

Jim will connect and teach in Office

Printing Count of Repeated Words in a paragaraph, i am using Trim and Distinct but logic of repeated words is not appropriate

Some parts from the description are unclear

we can do for a line:
(demo is a prototype and can be adapted)


checking for all words in all paragraphes ?

Yes, i am checking for all the words in the Paaragraph…

you have give count for sigle line…
my expected output should be Jim - 5 teach -2 and so on

we asked

you answered

but expected:

So you want to check in the entire text / all paragraphs

Have a look here:

i am lacked with knowledge of converting from array to Dictionary… got the solution

Hi @Devasaiprasad_Kakumanu

Check out the below workflow file. Hope it helps!!

Sequence.xaml (12.6 KB)


ok, so can the topic be closed
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cannot we use directly log message?


pls guide the right way

pls guide the right way for printing the values!

Hi @Devasaiprasad_Kakumanu

Check out this:


Hi @Parvathy thank you for sharing the code, i got the logic… trying to understand from LINQ perspective

it is highly recommended to use debugging panels for inspections
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String.Join(“,” , dictVar.Select(Function (x) x.Key &“:”& x.Value.ToString))

workedout, THanks lot for assistance

so it i working and ready?

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