"Printer options" window drop down functionality no longer working

Hi all,
We had a process in prod with a component to print to PDF a form displayed in a frame in IE, which was running fine for a while and had never had any issues, but now for whatever reason it stops, IE hangs and VM needs restarting whenever the Print settings window appears after - either clicking Ctrl+P or right click>Print. No errors/logs are produced showing any errors saying elements not found/process crashed etc:
(Error downloading is a log file I have later where I check to ensure all files are downloaded, an if statement based on a count of files in a directory)
Nothing in the code has changed (except for switching to Ctrl+P from click>print and back again to see if that made a difference, which it does as both bring up the Print settings window before it hangs.

Anyone seen anything similar? I’ve tried resetting IE11 settings and doing the download manually from IE11 to check it still works, which it does, so I’m truly stumped why UiPath and IE11 seem to have stopped cooperating.



Just for clarity, you checked manually printing the page from IE and it is working?

If this is the case can you try this.

  1. Launch IE and navigate to the site using UiPath and try printing manually.
  2. Launch IE manually, attach to the browser using UiPath and try printing manually and with UiPath.
  3. Try with a different browser and UiPath.

I can manually do as required, yes. As for your points:

  1. This works fine
  2. Works fine manually, won’t work with UiPath
  3. FireFox doesn’t offer odd/even page so we can’t use this, and our app doesn’t work in Chrome, so I can try these for sure, but would rather not spend too much time changing things up

Which version of UiPath are you using? If on a lower version, can you upgrade? Or try a reinstall.

Sorry, should have said at the start, I’m on 2018.4.4, which I believe is the latest?

Latest stable version of UiPath is 2019.4
On another note, do you have any add on installed on IE. Like Adobe etc. If so, can you try uninstalling them and try.

I’m using Enterprise, which I think hasn’t got a 2019 version yet, and no other addins on IE.

Regardless, I will try and update everything I can, including all packages, if anything can be updated.

It seems like when it tries to attach to the Print window it just jumps to the bottom of the component and ignores everything in between.

2019.4.2 is the latest version of Enterprise edition.

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Thanks! When was that released?

Do you know if UiPath have adopted an easier way of getting the updates, or do I still need to request a new trial and use that version?

You still need to request for a trial to get the setup file.


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So I’ve redesigned the process, and now it opens a file in Adobe PDF reader, clicks File, then Print…and now it stops working again when trying to connect to/interact with the Print window. I’ve checked the element in UiExplorer and it says “valid”.

It would appear UiPath just doesn’t like Printing? Nothing in the logs would suggest an element can’t be found either. Any idea how I could go about even troubleshooting this? My logs suggest UiPath has attached to the Print window but then from there it skips to the end of my process with no indication as to why.

After some more troubleshooting it looks like no matter what I do, UiPath is unable to accurately and repeatedly interact with this:

Anyone had similar issues?

Hi @Alex_Cross

Could you try re-attaching to the window just before the action that fails and try again? Just a thought, but maybe it will trigger the Robot to ‘understand’ the window again.

This was the first thing it did after attaching to the window, when I mention the logs it was one I added just after “attach window” to say “attached” before trying to select that.

Okay, I did vaguely remember a similar issue, but it was actually yours :slight_smile:

For the change log of the 2019.4.2, see here:

Soon enough we will also improve the downloading procedure, hopefully :slight_smile:

Yes another suggestion, as I continue this SoC-type of post:
you can try upgrading the UiAutomation package to the latest version. This one activity package has big influence over the actual UI Automation :slight_smile:
The latest version is this one:

I can confirm I’m now on all the latest packages, thanks though :slight_smile:

Basically in the last 2 weeks all my bots fell over when they need to print/save anything other than their original file type, the business wanting PDFs is killing me :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it will be tricky to debug. There might have been a Windows update that is causing those issues. I suppose you don’t really have a clue what that could have been?

Office on the VM died about 2 weeks ago, needed a complete new install etc, and since then things have been a bit temperamental, but not sure if there’s been an update, and our IT insist everything is fine and no logs are being created showing anything acting as it shouldn’t. I will pass back your idea to them though, if it’s more than just me saying it they might look harder, thanks!

Sure. It would be also nice to record this issue via a ticket to our technical support.

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