Print selector content to logging

I want to check whether an image exists and I want to log the selector of this activity in the logging.
how do I achieve this? Where do I find the properties of an UiElement?
As you can see I’m complete new to UiPAth.


Hi @jos.hermans

As the answer is in your question itself.
Der is a Activity named as “Element Exists”. In this activity properties you will find selector property.

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Hey Er Pratik,
I know where I can find the selector but how do I print this “value” in the logging? The robot runs with Orchestrator so debugging is difficult. To check whether it is the right selector. Obviously the idx of the container is changing. How can I assign the selector value to a variable?

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with element exists you defined the selector to this element.
with find element you can retrieve more infos.
have a look here:

with yourUiElementVar.Selector.ToString the used selector is retrieved

Currently we initiated the publishing of a custom library that will support on this. I assume that the curation process from UiPath Connect team will be finished next week, so it can be retrieved from connect plattform / nuget Feed

where do I find the yourUiElementVar for a “imageExists” activity?

or classical: define a variable and use it within the selector e.g.
<“wnd idx=”…>"+yourVariable+"<ctrl…

with find element you can retrieve more infos.

was written, the selector would be the same as used by you within element exists


I don’t need a variable in the selector. That’s a “technique” I use. I need the selector “” in a variable.

fine so doit, it is working


sorry but i think you don’t get it. I need the selector in the logging during execution.