Print on excel a specific row of my dt

Hi all,
i need to write in an excel file a specific row of my dt.
my dt is:

  1. name,id,last name
    In framework transactionNumber = number of run, so i need to write at first run, when transaction number is 0, the first row, when transaction number is 1, the second row, ecc.
    How can i manage that?

Hy @andreus91,

You could try something like this:
Inside an Excel Application Scope, use assign activity to the data from the Data Table
DT(transactionNumber-1(Last Name).toString

You could use a write cell activity to print those data into an excel.

Is it clear to you?
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Thank you @William_Blech_Sister,
first of all i’ve reading the excel and put it on a datatable, next i process one row of datatable for each transaction.
at the end of transaction i need to cancel that row from sheet1 and copy to sheet2, sorry i forget to write that

Hy @andreus91,

To do that you could you could use the “Insert/DeleteRows” activity.

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