Print email

How to print an Outlook mail?
Could not find anything related with “print” keyword nor here in forum, neither in google :confused:

How would a human user print an email? Open it in a viewer (eg. Outlook) and click some buttons (eg. File->Print…).
Simulate the same.

Hmm, ok - at first I was looking for something like doc.print :slight_smile:

This might also help

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Hi, I need print Character @ in outlook and Word, i take email of Excel File but need put in the email’s body and uipath not print. Any solution please ??

Hello @juanvillalba92,

Try to use Chr(64) :slight_smile:


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Hi Susana, thanks for answer me, but not work, in the Email’s Body, delete fist character and not print @.

Hello @juanvillalba92,

Can you share your workflow? I have tried to simulate your problem without success…


Main.xaml (8.8 KB)

Hi, share my Workflow, is basic and show my problem (you need open New Email in Outlook). I used Selectors for send email (Restriction of my client).

Hello! I am currently facing the same problem, regarding printing outlook emails.

I understand that I can simulate a click on the print button. But how would I then loop through all the emails?

My current idea is to make a program that clicks on the top mail, opens it, prints the attachment, moves the mail. And print the top mail again. I guess this could work, but I don’t see it as the best solution long-term.

Is it possible to combine the press print button with “Get outlook mail” activity? @Susana

Hello all, my problem is somehow relevant to this thread so i thought to jump in and see if i can find out any help
my goal with this project is to be create a process that will open outlook calender and then send a command to print the monitor. I tried using click activity but the process stop after robot open outlook, even though i have defined the next steps