Prevoius test files needed


Every time I test my robot, the UiPath Studio needs my old test files for input.
How does it come? Must I empty the cache? Is there something I have to do in Orchestrator?

Krind regards,
Kris Bauwens

Hello @Kris_Bauwens1

Can you plz share the error log which you are getting and how you are executing the text cases?

Are you using the test manager?



The first file is the one I want to handle.

DenEerste.xml and DenTweede.xml does not exist anymore but Studio wants it?

In the screenshot which you shared im not able to find the details of the DenTweede.xml .

Also in the DenEerste.xml is there any reference to the file DenTweede.xml ?

Also can you confirm the variable “strXMLFilename” is having the correct file path

DenEerste.xml and DenTweede.xml have no references.

the var strXMLFilename does not have the correct file path. There must something wrong with the transaction.xaml and the queueadd.xaml.

Then you need to run in debug mode and validate the variables. It should hold the correct values.