Previous week report generate in web

Can someone help me out…

I’m trying to take a previous week report using uipath while selecting date/month/year it’s quite complicated for me to select.

for example;

if i’m taking a report on every monday in a web interface, have to choose the date between on previous monday to sunday .Don’t know how to use the string and activities for this kindly suggest your ideas.

Thanks in advance

DateTime objects have an AddDays method. If it’s Monday and you want to get the previous monday you can do DateTime.Today.AddDays(-7). For Sunday you can do DateTime.Today.AddAys(-1).

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Hi DanielMitchell ,

Thanks for the update.Which activity is better for getting the previous week report.Actually, I have tried typeinto activity for this.

That depends on the web form. If you can just type the date into it you can use a Type Into activity and specify the format needed. For example to type the date one week ago in the format “07/01/2019” you could use DateTime.Today.AddDays(-7).ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”).

I don’t know what form you’re using so you may need to use Click or some other activity if you cannot simply type into it.

Thanks DanieIMitchell, I’ll check

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Hi Mr.DanielMitchell workflow is not working with click activity can you please suggest some other activity for this,I want to take a report from current date to 7 days interval and I’m having MM/dd/yyyy format in my web form kindly let me know asap

Hello @Pavithran_Pandian and welcome to the community!

If click activity is not working, maybe try doing everything with hotkeys (if possible) since it is really reliable.


Try using Select Item activity.
Also, can you type into that fields?

I have tried before itself it’s showing error

Have to generate between those period, the format is MM/dd/yyyy. Have to generate a report between to the current date and 7 days interval for every(every Monday). I have tried click,typeinto,select activity it’s prompting a error.Kindly let me know the variable and activity for this

I have uploaded the image which I’m strucking for automate the date

Thanks Mr.srdjan.suc. It’s working

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