Previous UiPath Certificates valid or not

Hi All

I have done UiPath’s prior certificates ‘Foundation’,‘Orchestrator’,‘Advanced Training’ and ‘Certificate of completion’.
I am looking for job for UiPath Developer role.
I got to know that there are 2 new certificates UiRPA and UiARD added by UiPath.
May I know if the earlier certificates (‘Foundation’,‘Orchestrator’,‘Advanced Training’ and ‘Certificate of completion’) valid or not?
If only the above 2 certificates are valid, is there any possibility of making it free anytime in future?

As far as i could recollect they renamed their Advanced Developer Certification to legacy certificate and its valid for one more year (April 31st 2021). This certification was free and its currently unavailable last date for attending this was on 31st April 2020. New certifications are paid and it cost around 150$ for UiRPA ( UiPath Certified RPA Associate) and 200 $ UiARD ( UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer) and i hope it might add more value to your resume. :innocent:


Thank you

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