Previous data get duplicate to next row after going through try and catch activity

I’m using try and catch activity around a get text activity. So whenever the data is available he will scrape the data, and whenever the data is not available he should skip it. So in current scenario he is skipping the it whenever the data is not available, but copying the previous data as a output. How should I put a blank space whenever there is no data available and also he should not copy the previous data.

Hi @yash_kimmatkar

Can you do a screenshot of your activities… showing

  • where you add data
  • condition to skip whenever data is not available
  • etc.

This will help me to better understand the situation and what is missing. Thanks.

Hi @yash_kimmatkar

Inside the catches “SelectorNotFoundException” you should insert

  1. Assign activity value of datarow set to empty [assuming you are using Add Datarow activity to a datatable]
  2. Continue activity to skip add datarow and any activities after it and thus bot execution will jump back to beginning of the loop “for each row in datatable”

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