Previous and current problems in orchestrator login and UI changes.

Hello everyone,

I need your help regarding a problem scenario I am facing.

Currently, I am working on uipath orchestrator and third party dialogflow chatbot integration, for this I am using node.js connector to connect both sides uipath orchestrator and dialogflow chatbot.

The steps for user to chatbot to orchestrator executing the task are as follows:

Step 1 : The user enters the query.

Step 2: The dialogflow matches the query with the right intent and sends the json payload in v2 api format to the node.js connector.

Step 3: The node.js bridge then sends http post url request to the orchestrator with the required parameter for task execution and starts the orchestrator.

Step 4: The orchestrator first login into and updates the queue specific to the user query request.

Step 5: The orchestrator then executes the process and returns the response back to the node.js bridge.

Step 6: The node.js bridge then forwards the orchestrator response back to the user.

Downloaded node.js connector from uipath go.

Previously before the login screen changed the connector was working fine only for one stage where the orchestrator queue was getting updated but the task was not running and so there was no reply back to the bridge and hence to the user.

My current problem is this that the orchestrator login UI has changed completely and so the node.js code has become redundant as the orchestrator is unable to login to .

The authentication process will completely fail with the new UI screen.

Previous Screen:

The previous screen requires three parameters: 1. Tenancy Name

  1. Email Address

  2. Password

New Orchestrator login screen:

The new screen is missing tenant name and the orchestrator cannot login with just email and password.

The whole automation is stuck to this point only.

Moreover the orchestrator inner tabview screen has also changed.

The new console has no options for queues and processes and hence the orchestrator will not find the necessary task to execute and hence the process will fail.

Moreover the node.js bridge code is written in v1 api format which is going to be expire in October 2019 as per google docs.

Please tell me how to solve the issue regarding screens changes both on login as well as inner tab views.

The orchestrator cannot run the queue if it does not find the queue option and process to excute the task.



Hi @Akash_Pratap,
First of all. When you are now going into it’s not direct Tenant link. It is cloud platform where you can see your profile and you are able to manage more that one tenant, users and licenses. By going into services tab you will see your tenants. Clicking the name of any of tenant you will be directed to actual Orchestrator Tenant.
And then

Hey @Pablito,

This answers one part of my query, can you answer other part regarding node.js connector to start the orchestrator and start the process, since the default login page has changed the node.js connector is not able to log in to orchestrator, and why my default registered orchestrator email and password on defualt login page ( are not opening the orchestrator webpage.

Can anyone also tell how to connect uipath with chatbot(dialogflow) (integration part).
What more can anyone say about v2 api format.


Direct link to your orchestrator is:<Cloud platform name>/<tenant name>

You can check your actual tenant address by going to it through services tab: