Prevent Terminal Rocket BlueZone from closing on error

I’ve noticed that as the bot is working with bluezone via a terminal session, if any exception of any kind is thrown, even if it’s not one that’s affecting the terminal connection itself it’ll still kill the app before any catch block happens. Which is a pain, as in cases where I could otherwise of recovered from the error, and kept going now I have to restart the terminal part because the bot auto killed the session.

so is there a way I can set it up so that if an exception does happen while it’s in a try/catch block that it not auto close bluezone. so then I can have my error handler be the thing to determine if we need to stop or not?

Hi Kit_Ramos,

Please see if this helps:

My assumption is that you use the direct provider.
I would normally ask a few question about where the actual catch for the Exception is in relation to Terminal Session scope (and the nature of that exception), but as a generic rule, this is how to persist the Terminal (make sure it stays open outside Terminal Session scope).

I would also use MyConnection variable in an Assign or something that uses it (to hint that the saved connection is actually needed in the workflow, the link above that shows how to do Connection Recovery with EHLL connection actually reuses the saved connection in a new Terminal Session scope, inside the retry block)

Hope this helps.