Prevent screen from sleeping windows 10 uipath automation

I have a program running a large amount of transactions that requires the screen to be active. While the bot is running, the screen goes to sleep. How do I prevent this? Is there a way to simulate wiggling the mouse to keep the screen from going to sleep?

Running on a remote desktop server windows 10 uipath version 2019.8.0.


I guess your local system going to sleeping mode but not remote system where BOT is running. Am I correct ?

If yes then please run this vb script in your local system to prevent the screen from sleeping mode.


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Hi @Stormkrieg

This might be helpful to you please read this article.

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I figured it out. The problem was that my laptop screen was timing out. I fixed it by just editing my battery settings to not sleep. Thanks for the recommendations by everyone on how to fix the issue!

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