Present validation station training issue

how to update the validatedextractionResults, after human validation is completed then next time i am running code the results are not getting updated and again asking for human validation

so how to make it once human is validated then present validation station should not open again?

Once you provide human validation please train your extractor on that and the confidence level should go up and it should work fine

hi @chandreshsinh.jadeja
There are no trainers activities for the form extractor and regex based extractor.

training is available only for machine learning so if you are keeping Validation scope then it will always come for validation there is no other way to by pass that validation station.
check this video

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In this video he created a boolean variable
in case of final automation we cannot change it constantly

this was to help you that in regex and form extractor if you keep validation it will always prompt as there is no way to train that thing that’s why if you are using it in final automation then its your choice if it should ask user to validate every time or simply write data into excel you want get any confidence to match from regex and form extractor to provide a choice if confidence is less or greater than a certain limit
Note: in short it will always ask for validation if you keep validation check in from or regex extractor

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