Present Validation Station PDF Library should have a valid license

Hello Everyone. I didn’t understand why this error occured? What does it mean? Thank you.

Hello @Murat,

Please make sure that if you use any of the following in the same workflow:

  • IntelligentOCR
  • PDF
  • MachineLearningExtractor (beta),
    that they are all updated to the latest version.

We upgraded some functionality which is used by all three packages and they would need to be upgraded in synch.



Thank you @loana_Gligan. I have another question. I configured pdf document with Present Validations Station and ML got my informations . But next step ML got first informations without configured and they was wrong. Do I have to configure the PDF document always? It can not record my command. Is it true ? I want to record my command.

@Murat can you please be more specific into what you are trying to accomplish?

If your question is related to the ML Extractor learning - then it currently does not expose training / retraining capabilities… Otherwise, please explain the situation in more detail.

Thank you,


My ML Extractor learning working only once when I teach it. Next step it forget what I teach and I have to teach again.

As stated previously, ML Extractor does not expose retraining right now, so in other words it is pre-trained and does not learn at this time.

Ok, Do you have any work on this issue?

We will keep you posted when new features will be available :slight_smile: