Present Validation Station Integration without user interaction

Hello guys, anyone knows how can I use the Present Validation Station activity without user prompt for user interaction?

Thank you!

Hi, there!

The Present Validation Station activity is supposed to be used for Attended Automation. So the intention is to have user interaction.

The other alternative is the Create Document Validation Action activity. This will create an action in Orchestrator where the user can validate the document. The interface is almost exactly like the validation station, except it is in the web browser. You can then have another automation pick up after the user has performed the validation in Orchestrator.

Alternatively, if you don’t want any human validation at all, then you can skip the validation step.

Hi @Ionut_Frincu ,
You can skip the present validation station activity and continue with next activity in document understanding flow. validation station as an activity is designed for attended automation to check extraction results.