Present Validation station activity

Once Present validation station popup comes in runtime,i have scrape the data manually in run time itself ,and after 2 or 3 times if the same data came means , it will automatically learn the same data or again user will scrape the data manually?

Thank you.

i’m sorry but could you rephrase your question?

while run robot we got “present validation” activity within the intelligence OCR scope.
once we got this run time pop-up , we have to scrap the data manually.
As we understand , once we done 2 or 3 times manually while this activity in run time , later system will automatically learn the same data and proceed further .
Is our understanding is correct or we have to manually for all times while above pop-up occurrences.

Thank you.

Scraping data is a verry tricky thing. It searches for ex in website for html or css codes. But little changes may disturbe the process. I would say doing everything manually is the safest way to go.

But with the new AI data scraping which is launched maybe in next upcoming update. And can already be used in Beta testing. this might change.

But for now do everything one by one if it comes to scraping for the best and reliable results

Ok, Thanks @Joeri_Rethy

Hi Kalees, have you found a solution for this? Will the bot get auto-trained after 3 or 4 manual scraping?

I have not been using that station now. But the aim of that station is auto training. I think it’s working like this only, but i am not sure. Try and update once you got actual output.

Okay thanks