Present Data back as Default to Multi-Select Drop Down Control

Hi there,

I am wondering if it is possible to present Default information in the multi-select drop down as it is with all other controls?

I have a form which pre-populates/presents data back to a user which they have already entered. The idea is that the user can then edit their previously entered information and resubmit the form.

This is the approach I have taken -

Text Box Approach where Variable “Edit_EmailAddress1” is returned from a dataservice entity by a process. (This is working as desired).

Multi Select Drop Down Control where Variable “Out.BackingDataFieldsList” is a List returned from dataservice entity by a process e.g. [“Site”, “Modality”, “Name”]. (This approach is not working as desired.)

Can anyone help?



Hi, Could you take a look at it?

@evan.cohen @Pablito Hi just wondering if there has been any update with this? Thanks :slight_smile:

@roseagh.terrinshutchinson great question, what you’re trying to do here makes total sense! We didn’t quite manage to ship everything with the initial release of multi-select, but what you’re trying to accomplish here should be possible. This should be coming in the next release in ~2 weeks, but I’ll double check with the team to make sure we’re not missing anything here.

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Hi @evan.cohen @Pablito Just checking if this functionality is now possible and how I should approach it? Thanks

Hi @evan.cohen Do you know if this is possible yet?