Prerequisites to be taken before we buy UIPATH Studio Licenced edition

Hi Team,

My company is in the process of buying UIPATH Studio Licence edition.
Before that do we need to setup anything?

Any prerequisites to be taken before we buy.

Appreciate your inputs.

Hi @RajeshT,

Normally, just follow the hardware and software requirements of the official documentation for the technical part.

What kind of liences do you want to buy
Orchestrator ?
Studio named ?
Attended / unattended robot ?
Others ?


Hi @vdarold,

We are planning to buy UIPath Studio with attended bots.
Can 1 licenced version of UIPath can install in 2 laptops ?
Which means 1 licence can use for 2 users ?

My company dont have budget to buy unattended robots,can we use Task scheduler to trigger jobs?

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Hi @RajeshT,
Regarding licencing you should contact with our sales.
Regarding Task Scheduler - this case is not officially supported by UiPath anymore. Task Scheduling robot is tricky and not always work as it should be that’s why Orchestrator should be used to set Robot triggering.