Preform av sequence for each opened mail url

My aim is to follow the URL in each unread mail and preform the same sequence for each URL (openes a webbpage to handle a case)

The sequence are ok for one mail/url but after that it´s not preforming the sequence. It just goed to the end of the process.

I use

  1. Get Outlookmail message
  2. For each Iteam in MailMessage Assaign Iteambody followed by a sequence that openes browser and the URL stored as a variabel
  3. A sequence that handle the case

It´s no 3 that´s not repeat. Any suggestions?
(I´m extreamely new to this so please be kind… )

Hi welcome to the community!
Please make sure you have more than one email to process, if you are sure, then use the debugger to be able to understand why this happens.

Thanks! Yes, I have 2 emails with direct URL to each supportticket. The sequence works great for both of them separetly (when there only are one mail in the inbox) But when both emails are present in the inbox it only process the latest. The process doesn’t stop, it only openes the second url and then finish. Will try the debug